How EQ Workshops Singapore are Beneficial

Students of all ages need to be aware of their emotions and how they affect decision making. EQ workshops in Singapore can be used to provide a better understanding of emotions.


There are three pursuits within the EQ model that we use here at Safe Spaces. First, we focus on knowing yourself in order to become more aware. Second, we focus on choosing yourself in order to be more intentional. Third, we focus on giving yourself in order to be more purposeful with why you’re doing something. Emotional intelligence can be learned, so it’s something that students and adults can benefit from.


The workshops can be extremely beneficial. We’ve had the pleasure of working with individuals, schools, and even businesses. When you want to set up EQ workshops in Singapore, we will be happy to discuss the options and schedule the workshops for you.

How EQ Assessments in a School Can Help Students

EQ assessments are taking place more and more frequently in schools. It’s a chance to understand the emotional intelligence of students so that they can lead a more wholehearted life.

At Safe Spaces, we can conduct EQ assessments and workshops, ensuring that students learn more about their emotions. They can become more aware of themselves, be more intentional with what they do, and be more purposeful so that there is a reason behind everything that they do.


Without evaluating emotional intelligence for students, they may make a variety of bad decisions that can lead to bullying and hurting the feelings of others. We want to make sure that students have a better balance, which is why the assessments are so vital in today’s classrooms. When you want to learn more about the assessments, contact us so that we can discuss them with you in detail.

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