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Christian Youth Retreats

"In previous camps, they talked a lot about God. In this camp, Liz did not talk much about God. Liz kept asking me about my life. But in looking at my life, I finally found God."

- 16-year-old Youth Camp Participant

Theology Singapore


"And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us" John 1:14

Camps, workshops, retreats are all based on the theology of the Incarnation: the Divine took on human form in Jesus and came to live among men. Emmanuel- God is with us. He is intimately interested and involved in our lives. And it is in the messiness of our lives that we each discover the presence of God. We each discover who God is for us. We each encounter God in a personal way. We each discover in our lives what the life, death and resurrection means. It is a living faith. A personal faith. Yet a communal one.


There are almost no lectures or input sessions. Every session is experiential. Participants are led to reflect on their lives and as a result of that reflection, discover God who is working in their lives. Safe spaces are created where participants feel safe to be themselves, and share their personal stories authentically, without fear of judgement. They share stories of questioning, of struggle, of disappointment, of discovery, of triumph and everything in between. Artistic expression, such as clay, drawing, forum theatre, collage making and dance are often used as tools to discover and express their sacred journey. The eventual aim is for camp participants to experience God in a personal way and through each other.

Safe Spaces Pedagogy
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Services Offered

Camp Design and Camp Master

The needs of every group is different. Workshops/ retreats/ camps can be designed and conducted based on the needs of your group.

Facilitator Training

Workshops can be organised to train facilitators. they will be equipped with the skills to facilitate the creation of safe spaces and taught how to draw out personal stories from camp participants.

Intercessors Training

Training can be provided for intercessors to learn to pray and journey with teenagers and young adults. Real life case studies of young people facing all sorts of issues will be used in the training. Participants will learn to ask questions to distinguish between the needs and wants of the people they journey with. They will learn to pray with young people to heal their images of God. Together, we will dialogue and try to understand the concerns and issues plaguing young adults and teenagers today.

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