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EQ and Personal Mastery Workshops

emotional intelligence workshop
the six seconds EQ model

What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Emotions are valuable signals that help us survive and thrive. When we learn how to use them, emotions support us in making more effective decisions, connect with others, find and follow purpose — and lead a more whole-hearted life.


Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the capacity to blend thinking and feeling to make optimal decisions — which is key to having a successful relationship with yourself and others.

Unlike IQ which is often fixed, EQ can be learnt and strengthened!

In 1997, Six Seconds© developed an actionable model of EQ that is practiced by hundreds of thousands of individuals, schools, and businesses throughout the world.

This model of EQ begins with three important pursuits:

Know yourself: to become more aware (noticing what you feel and do),

Choose yourself: to be more intentional (doing what you mean)

Give Yourself: to be more purposeful (doing it for a reason).

Personal Mastery Workshops

In additional to EQ, we also run personal mastery workshops that can be customised to your needs. Some of the topics that can be covered include healthy self-esteem, positive reframing, anti-bullying, leadership, conflict mediation, emotional management, and healthy friendships to name a few.

Workshop Pedagogy

Workshops are experiential in nature. Participants use art, clay, drawing, collage, dance, movement, toys and cards to help participants explore these concepts and express themselves. The trainer-to-participant ratio is deliberately kept small to facilitate the creation of safe spaces to share in-depth personal narratives and learn to apply these concepts to their lives. It taps on the power of groups to affirm and support each other and create deep personal, group and social change.

Personal Mastery Workshops Singapore
Workshop Pedagogy Singapore

Sampling of Past Workshops:

  • EQ Training with ‘O’ Level Class, Nanyang Girls’ High School (2015/2016/2017/2018)

  • Singapore Chinese Girls’ School Peer Support Group National Level Training Camp (2015)

  • EQ Workshop with Sec 2 N(A) students and Sec 4 (Express) students, St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School (2019)

  • EQ Workshop @ Principals’ Academy (2019, 2020)

  • Personal Mastery Workshop, Sec 1 students, St Anthony's Canossian Secondary School (2022)

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